A guide to Who’s Available for our consumers

Request a service

Once you find a service, you need to book and request the service. The service providers have the right to deny a request. If the service provider accepts, you will receive a notification 

When will I receive confirmation 

Providers will have twenty-four hours to accept a request. If its not accepted within that time frame the order is automatically canceled. 


How long does the service provider have to cancel the service requested? 

The provider has twenty-four hours.


Will the price of my service change?

Changes will occur if you add a service request. 

Is there a limit on bookings? 

There is no limit on the number of bookings that you can request.

Can I contact my service provider directly? 

Yes, use our chat box to communicate with the provider. 


How do I cancel a service? 

Use the tab on your booking to cancel the service requested.


How far in advance do I have to cancel a service? 

You will have twenty-four hours to cancel a service. If you cancel after, you will have to pay a service fee. 


What are the fees associated with this?


The cancellation service fee is 10%.


After my service is complete, can you rate your provider?


You will have an opportunity to review your provider after you authorize the completion of the service.


Service provider Issues & refunds:


What if my service provider doesn't complete the work


 The service provider doesn’t get paid until the service is complete. Place a dispute and or contact us directly to resolve the issue. 


I did not like the results 

Not all service providers do the best quality work. If you are unhappy you have the opportunity to rate your provider.


My service provider showed up but refused the work


You can dispute the transaction.


Why are some people licensed and unlicensed? 


Not all states or counties require licenses 


What is the benefit of using Who’s Available? 

Book service on demand. View upfront pricing, read reviews, see photos, review license, and checkout with a click of a button. 

Can I book my service on a desktop? 

The only way to book a service is on a mobile device 


What if my service provider doesn’t show up?

You can use the app to dispute the transaction 



If you cancel before twenty-four hours


Which services are mobile or brick-and-mortar? 

Mobile providers have a car icon, and the brick-and-mortar providers have a building. 


Why am I not receiving notifications?

Restart your phone, re-install the application, or contact us directly for support

How do you adjust the price after the customer has already checked out? 


How does my digital wallet work? 


Your digital wallet works as a non-physical wallet. You may use your funds to deposit in your bank account or pay for a service