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The Ultimate booking app for Nail, Hair, makeup, facials, and more at Salons and Spas

Beauty & Salon

Whether you're preparing for a big event or simply looking for a way to pamper yourself, salon and spa services can help you look and feel your best. The Who’s Available mobile app will let you search and book spa services. All you have to do is search for beauty and spa, and you will have access to tanning, makeup artists, mani & pedi, haircuts & color, threading & waxing, lash extensions, facials, microblading, eyebrow tinting, and teeth whitening.  


Booking a Nail Artist at Salons and Spas

Nail artists have a wide array of skills, offering manicures, pedicures, gel nails, and unique nail art designs. When booking, it's crucial to identify your specific needs. Our service providers have portfolios showcasing their nail artists' work,

Finding a Mobile Hair Dresser for Home Services

The luxury of having a mobile hairdresser is unmatched, offering you the comfort of getting salon-like services right in your living room. These traveling hairstylists deliver a range of services from haircuts, color treatments, and hairstyling to specialized hair treatments such as deep conditioning or keratin straightening. 

Eyebrow Threading and Home Hairdresser Services Near Me 

Eyebrow threading is a precise technique used to shape eyebrows effectively. If you prefer the convenience of home services, some mobile professionals can cater to your needs. 

Booking Teeth Whitening Services at Salons and Spas

Teeth whitening services have now found their way into many salons and spas, expanding the beauty treatments on offer. As you consider booking teeth whitening at your preferred beauty establishment, verifying the qualifications of the specialist conducting the procedure is crucial. Don't hesitate to inquire about their whitening techniques and the outcome you should anticipate. Our teeth whitening professionals are screened to ensure your safety. 

Searching for the Best Pedicures Near Me

A quality pedicure at a reputable salon and spa is the ultimate form of relaxation. When seeking the perfect pedicure destination, it's vital to prioritize not only the nail service quality but also the salon's hygiene standards, the expertise of the technicians, and the range of services they offer. An effective strategy for identifying the best pedicure spots is leveraging online customer reviews. These unbiased testimonials can provide a realistic picture of what to expect and guide you to an establishment that aligns with your expectations. So, indulge in some self-care and book your next pedicure at a top-tier salon and spa near you.

Search for Beauty and Salon Service Providers

The digital revolution has simplified the quest for beauty and salon services. The advent of mobile booking platforms has transformed a formerly time-consuming task into a quick and stress-free process. There's no longer a need to dial several salons or spas to inquire about their services or availability. Instead, the Who’s Available mobile app places the power in your hands.

All it takes is typing your desired service into the app, and a list of nearby service providers will appear. 

The Salon and Spa category on the Who’s Available app will give you access to several mobile and storefront providers near you. These include Nail Artists, Mani and pedicures, esthetician services, Teeth Whitening, mobile spray tan,

 Mobile Hairdresser Near Me

The luxury of having a mobile hairdresser is unmatched, offering you the comfort of getting salon-like services directly in your home. Our customers have access to mobile hairdressers that come to your home. These in-home hairdressers are simply hair salons on wheels. They make it so easy for customers to book a wide range of services. from haircuts, color treatments, and hairstyling. 

How to Book a Wedding Makeup Artist or A Makeup Artist Near Me

A wedding day is a momentous occasion, and naturally, you'll want to look your absolute best. Engaging the services of a makeup artist requires thoughtful selection. Our service providers have showcased their portfolios on their page so you can examine the type of work that they do. Whether you are looking for the look of smoky eyes makeup or a more natural look we have the right provider for you.  If you find yourself searching for a "makeup artist near me," download the Who’s available app to search for on-demand makeup artists near you.

Transparent Pricing for a Fair Experience

In the digital age, booking beauty and salon services comes with a unique perk – transparent pricing. An upfront pricing accompanies every service detailed on the mobile app. 

In the world of beauty and salon bookings, transparent pricing is not just a nice-to-have; it’s a game changer.

Customer Reviews for a Trustworthy Selection

Navigating the world of beauty and salon services has become more straightforward, thanks to the readily available customer reviews on our digital platforms. No longer do you have to rely solely on word-of-mouth or take a gamble on a new service provider Now, you can review customer feedback before committing to a booking. These reviews provide invaluable insights into the specifics of the services, the facilities' cleanliness, and the staff's professionalism.

These assessments ensure that you are fully informed before making your selection and promote a sense of trust in the service provider. By understanding previous customers' experiences, you can make more confident and informed decisions. This feature also encourages service providers to maintain high standards, as positive reviews can significantly boost their reputation on the platform.

In addition, you can contribute your reviews after your appointment, allowing you to share your experiences and help others make informed decisions. 

The introduction of customer reviews in the digital booking system marks a significant shift in the beauty and salon industry. This feature promotes transparency, trust, and community, ensuring a positive and satisfying experience for all users.

Effortless Booking Process

The process of securing your appointment through the Who’s Available mobile app is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. With just a few simple steps, you can complete your booking without any hassle. Start by choosing the beauty and salon service provider that best suits your needs. Next, peruse their list of services, and select what you're interested in - whether it's a revitalizing hair treatment, a meticulous manicure for your nails, or a soothing facial, all you need to do is pick a date and time. 

The flexibility offered by this application is another noteworthy feature. Not only can you book a single service, but you can also conveniently reserve appointments for multiple services. You can efficiently plan a full day of pampering or book your routine beauty services for the entire month.

The Who’s Available app will eliminate the need for tedious phone calls and the uncertainty that comes with waiting for a confirmation. As soon as you finalize your booking, you'll receive instant confirmation. This ensures you can plan your day accurately without the fear of unexpected changes or misunderstandings. So, say goodbye to the traditional phone booking methods, and welcome the convenience of digital booking systems on our App

This seamless digital booking process, coupled with the ability to browse services, view pricing, and read customer reviews, revolutionizes the way we access beauty and salon services. The power to plan and schedule your beauty regimen is now right at your fingertips, bringing an unmatched level of convenience and control into your hands.



Do I need to supply any supplies?

No, you do not need to provide supplies. The esthetician will provide all necessary supplies for your service. 

What is included in a package?

All beauty professionals have different packages on their business profiles. Please read the description to find the beauty and salon package that best suits your needs.

How often should I use these services?

This all depends on the person and what lifestyle they have. Most people see their beauty professional weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

What is the next step after I book?

After you book, you will receive confirmation that your booking has been accepted by the provider. Then you will wait for the provider to arrive or you’ll arrive at their location at the scheduled time of booking.

Do I need to do anything to prepare?

Please make sure that you bathe beforehand. 

What do I do if I have children?

If you have children please make sure they have a sitter so the esthetician can do their job. You can find a sitter on the Who’s Available app under the babysitters category.

What If I need to add additional beauty and salon services?

You can always add additional beauty and salon services with a change order request.